Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of creating a shot list for your wedding photographers in Easton

wedding photographers in Easton
Saint-Petersburg / Russian Federation – 16 July 2019: Photoshoot of bride by group of professional photographers at wedding

Every couple is unique and they have a unique love story. They want the wedding photographers to tell their story through the photographs. When you hire wedding photographers in Easton you expect them to do a thoroughly professional job. Therefore, you should send the photographers the details that would help them to enumerate your love story in a better way. Thus, you will have the best photographs of your wedding that you could have ever imagined.

The Do’s

  • Ensure that the photographer knows who and what is most important to you and your partner. The photographer should also focus on those things as it will help to reveal how you and your partner are as a couple.
  • Discuss with the photographers the style of photography you want; that is to say, whether you want the classy or documentary type or vintage or any other style of photos for your wedding.
  • Tell the photographers and make a list of the family groupings with whom you would want a photo. If you wish to have your wedding photos published make sure you are clear about that to your photographer.

The Don’ts

  • The wedding photographers in Easton know the general and typical shots that have to be taken. They know the standard shots like getting prepped, walking down the aisle, the first kiss as a married couple, etc. that should be captured. Don’t instruct the photographers to take these pictures as they are already aware of that.
  • Don’t tell photographers to copy and recreate an image that you’ve seen on Instagram or Pinterest. Instead, you can ask them to take inspiration from it and create something new.
  • You should not expect that your wedding photos will be a carbon copy of the pictures that you have seen in the photographer’s previous works. The lighting, weather, mood, and tone can be different. Therefore, there is a chance that your photos will also look different.

Introducing Ever After Studio

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