How to survive as a wedding videographer in Kutztown post COVID-19

a wedding videographer in Kutztown

The wedding videography and photography industry hit a serious snag during the coronavirus pandemic. Small wedding studios and businesses owned by families took the most of hit. Shooting of wedding videos and photos became much more complicated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The procedure of taking videos has been changed. As a wedding videographer in Kutztown you have to take care of yourself for your own wellbeing.

How to survive as a wedding videographer post COVID-19

Restrictions and COVID-19 protocols are being gradually lifted all over America. People who postponed their wedding due to the pandemic are getting married. You should grab the opportunity and get more work in this time.

You might have existing contracts with clients who were waiting for the pandemic to end for getting married. If a client wants to get a refund instead of a rescheduled time then it should be provided because everyone went through a financial and emotional tumultuous time. It will also increase the trust among clients.

Videographers should assess how much capital they have with them. It is essential to manage costs in these trying times. Contemplating on how to generate cashflow should be on the to-do list. Provide different types of wedding videography services to your clients so that they are satisfied and influences others to for your services.

It is important to give your patrons and potential clients a call to know what the status is and whether they want your service or not. Keep your actions client-centric.

As a wedding videographer in Kutztown it is important to make sure that you have the provision to say no. If you feel that you are not ready to shoot mass weddings where a lot of people will be present then keep away from weddings like that. Make sure that social distancing/ COVID-19 security protocols of the venue is maintained.

Use various types of safety gears so that you remain absolutely safe and do not get contaminated by any virus while you shoot the videos. You can use face masks and face shields to protect yourself. Also, using latex gloves can be a good idea.

As a wedding videographer think of new ways to earn revenues such as through live streaming, virtual services etc.

As a wedding videographer in Kutztown, you should market yourself so that more clients avail your service. You should know the tricks on how to market yourself so that you can see better profits. This will help you to in your career as a videographer as well. As the market is extremely competitive, you have to stand out from the crowd so that when customers search for videographers for their wedding, your name comes first in their mind. Some of the ways you can market yourself for surviving in the post COVID-19 era is:

  • Create a website for yourself. The website should be completely optimized and updated. Hire a professional if you can to give a finer look to your website. Apart from writing about the services you provide, post blogs regularly so that your site is more visible to the potential customers. The blogs should be written in layman’s language so that everyone can understand them.
  • The services that are available should be clearly pointed out. Also, mention the prices of each service. There shouldn’t be any hidden charges for your services. Hidden charges make your customer disappointed with your service. They might give poor review due to this.
  • Be active on social media like Instagram and Facebook. People like audio-visual presentation than just reading about a service. You can promote your service through social media as well.
  • When you are providing wedding videography services, keep in mind that the more services you provide more the customers will come to you. Customers have different requirements and you should cater to those needs. Provide wedding photography services as well.
  • Attending bridal shows is a great way to market yourself. You can meet couples here and discuss about your experience, expertise and visions. This can help to gain a lot of customers for you.
  • If you prefer to shoot in a particular style, you can showcase your talent too. This will help you to attract your niche audience/ clients. As a wedding videographer in Kutztown, you need to make sure you know what type of videography is preferred by the locals. Providing services based on the interest of the couples in Kutztown can increase your revenue.
  • Make sure your work is being featured in the wedding photography and wedding videography While doing this and while using social media, you’ll get to connect with your peers. Getting connected can help you to procure new projects.

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