Discover the 2-step guide to find the perfect wedding videographer in Wilkes Barre for your wedding

wedding videographer in Wilkes Barre

Wedding is the most important day of your life as you will be able to call your partner as your better half officially. You would want to capture the moments of your wedding in the best possible way. That is why you will need to have strategies that can guide you to choose the perfect wedding videographer in Wilkes Barre for your upcoming wedding. There are 2 steps that can help you to choose the wedding videographer you need. First is the type of wedding videography style you want for the wedding and second are some factors that should be discussed with the videographer.

Step 1

Before hiring a wedding videographer, it is important for you to understand what type of wedding videography style you want for your wedding. Make sure that your wedding videographer can shoot that specificstyle of wedding video.

  • Journalistic: In this style the video is shot in a linear fashion. It starts with the preparations in the morning and usually ends with the reception. The videographer unobtrusively shoots the video all day long.
  • Artistic: In this style, the videographer can use their creativity; they can create different kind of moods, color palettes etc. to enhance the quality of the video. You can suggest them if you have anything in mind. The wedding videographer in Wilkes Barre will add the perfect background music, voiceovers and edit the video to make it perfect.
  • Storytelling: Every love story is unique and you have the opportunity to tell the story of your love during the videography for your wedding. In this style of videography there will be segments about your love story told by you, your partner and your close ones. There will also be testimonials, beautiful comments and messages of congratulations.

Step 2

There are several things that you have to discuss with a wedding videographer before hiring them. Some of the most important things you should consider while hiring the right wedding videographer for you are:

  • Budget: Wedding packages vary from wedding studio to studio. Discuss with your wedding videographer on which and how many add-ons you need. Check if there are any room for negotiations. Also, learn their overtime charge.
  • Captions: The titles, subtitles, name keys as well as the credits should be perfect for your wedding. Provide the videographers with a brief outline on the subtitles, titles, credits and name keys.
  • Copyrights: Discuss and understand who owns the copyright to the videos. If they own the copyright then ask for extra copies of the videos if you need them.

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