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One of the topmost essential things you need at your wedding is wedding videography. With the rise in video quality as well as editing, there has been a massive surge in the demand for quality wedding videographers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many weddings in Easton have been shifted to 2021 and 2022. There is a huge demand for quality wedding videographers in Easton. Hence, you should book the best videographers right away for your […]

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Even if you have a great videographer at your disposal, you will need to do a bit extra for having great wedding videos for your wedding. You should discuss with your wedding videographer of a wedding studio in Poconos the style and mood of the video. There should be no misunderstanding of any sort as it is going to be the favorite day of your life. You should look natural and jovial so that the […]

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Weddings mark the union of two people. That’s the technical definition. But it is much, much more than that. Weddings are a celebration of Love and in a bigger sense, of life itself. Love always finds a way, even in the darker times. Even as the world was plunged deep into pandemic chaos, people were falling in love. Now, that we have the opportunity to celebrate that love properly, we should seize the moment. Our […]

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Wedding makes people stressed and anxious. Not only you, but the arrangement of a wedding can also get the best of anyone. Therefore, you should distribute excess tension from your mind. You should not worry about who will record the beautiful moments of your wedding. The best wedding studio in Easton will help you to capture the enchanting moments of your upcoming wedding. About Ever After Studio Ever After Studio is a wedding studio that […]